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Die neue Single

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Pegasus have recorded their musical autobiography in the form of a unique acoustic album called Unplugged, to be released on 15 January 2021. The album features brand-new acoustic arrangements of all the Biel-based band's biggest hits, including ‘Metropolitans’, ‘I Take It All’ and ‘Skyline’. In addition to the two new singles ‘Victoria Line’, featuring Anna Rossinelli, and ‘Better Man’, fans can look forward to another unreleased track.
Won't Find Nobody Like You
Better Man
Victoria Line – feat. Anna Rossinelli
Behind the Sounds


  • 05.08.2022
  • Biel/Bienne
  • LakeLive Festival
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  • 26.08.2022
  • Arbon
  • Summerdays Festival
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  • 27.08.2022
  • Spiez
  • Seaside Festival
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Singer Noah Veraguth, bassist Gabriel Spahni and guitarist Simon Spahr – who re-joined the band in February 2020, after a four-year break – grew up on the same street. As young teenagers, they were already entertaining their neighbours with concerts in their living rooms, basements and out in the park. When drummer Stefan Brønner joined a little while later, the band was complete. At the age of 17, they signed their first record deal together with their parents.


Their breakthrough album was the platinum-selling Human.Technology, released in 2011, and this, followed by their number-one hit ‘Skyline’ in 2012, put the four friends from Biel firmly on the mainstream music map. Few Swiss pop bands have seen as many singles and albums hit the charts as Pegasus. ‘Music comes above most other things for us. Music is our passion. And a true passion can never fully be explained. What’s even better is that we have been able to share such unforgettable moments as friends,’ says Veraguth.